by application



by application


Cost: $50 + Reciprocal trade

(in exchange for: Material Goods + Services)

DATE / TIME: Revealed

12 hrs prior to appointment

Upon Acceptance you will:

affirm commitment; receive an email & apply a discount.

(Details / Information on eligibility in the compact below)


our Compact

in reciprocal trade

our Compact

in reciprocal trade

Dear Enlistee,

For any experience of value, a price must be paid — in one way or another, from both parties.

in due consideration of that value, (of sustainable professional practice, of what is received / given — For ourselves & for you), we’ve created this application process.

This is all is out of care for other guests, the venue’s local community & your own experience. We hold ourselves to this practice, often in an unspoken code of professional conduct.

Most importantly, we seek only those willing and able to commit themselves to the discovery of their tale.

We hope to welcome you soon.

~Your guides


Preference is given to those who:

  • are current, ongoing, contributing members of a producing creative or gaming/RPG community

  • are local Residents

  • have a referral (preferably from a person known to us)

  • have a compelling connection

What we REquest

(“The Price to be paid”)

$50, support & Reciprocal trade

$50 (For outside expenses / material goods)

active COMMUNITY SUPPORT: (on social media)

@CantripCandles / @walkthenightwithme / @talesbycandlelight

…then Post/tag a photo of support on your own Accounts

*Trade (Services & expenses in-session)

rECIPROCAL ITEMs of concrete value:

  • A craft or product with concrete value / for which you are accountably reimbursed

  • (Example: Admission to a show w/ which you are affiliated that we are able to attend)




Each guest receives:

  • an 80-90 minute, truly bespoke immersive experience

  • A custom-made candle, delivered to their door

  • A chronicle entry of their story, made to inspire their tale’s continuation

  • Potential Sharing via online platforms with opt-in credit where credit is due

  • The ability to similarly retell & grow their story as they see fit

Each appointment is entirely individualized, down to scheduling, through a process developed over 8 months; it takes time both before-and-after the scheduled session & incurs expenses of candle-making such as wax, oils, shipping, etc.

AFTER you’ve submitted

once ACCEPTED & confirmed:

  • You will be added to an email list.

  • 8 hours prior to an appointment’s beginning, upon the day of an open session, those on the list will be sent a message.

  • in it: a single 50% discount code, only ever usable once - for the pertaining appointment.

  • 1st-come… 1st-served