Greetings Adventurer,

and Welcome To A Scented, Roleplaying Experience

that Literally anyone can Participate in

To create a candle.

TO prepare you For the journey we’ll embark upon:

  • Together, we will tell a tale.

    • A story is written; it is set down. A tale… A tale is told; it is living, It grows & changes in time & telling.

  • Our tale will be generated from scents.

    • Through your sense of smell, We will create a world, populate it with creatures and peoples of magical qualities, interact with them, and follow an adventure...

  • The more comfortable we become, the easier our Tale will come.

To begin on the same page, we’ll ask a few basic questions...

Your Answers are not binding; Our tale does not depend upon them, but we may draw from them as we like.