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Hello, Dear Guest,


We've invited you here for one last gift.  It doesn't happen with every session.

Simply stated, we are including the song we made together on an album we'll be releasing online, streaming on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.  If you choose, you'll receive credit as a featured artist as well as a percentage of the royalties earned from streaming that song.

To opt in:

Please fill out the form below, submitting the name you want to appear credited on the song, and a valid email address that can be used to transfer you your percentage.

Once we get the information from that form, we will sponsor your invitation to a company, called "STEM DISINTERMEDIA."  This is a distribution company that admits members by application or referral only.  You will receive an email from STEM DISINTERMEDIA, inviting you to join (this will likely have “@stem.is” in the sender address, so watch your inbox for it).

If you are unable or decide not to opt in:

That’s quite alright.  You will be credited by your initials, to protect your identity.  You can still listen to your song on all of the platforms to which we upload it.

If you do not respond within 5 days of receiving the email that brought you here, we will assume you want neither concrete credit nor royalties.

You can accept by filling the form below:


Name of Recipient *
Name of Recipient
Name of 2nd Recipient
Name of 2nd Recipient
Do you remember the title of the song we made together?
I would like to accept the following: *
Either your legal name, a pseudonym, or an unclaimed Band Name
Even Now We Abide by the No Harm Clause *
All Parties Agree to the Following: No one involved in this project, be they creators or participants, will willingly or knowingly inflict emotional or physical harm on anyone involved in The Guest and The Host: Make Music. Everyone participating recognizes this as an immersive, interactive experience with LIGHT INTERACTION (business/acquaintance) between artist and participants, incorporating musical instruments/recording equipment--and a distribution process. Both artists and participants are considered recording collaborators in a studio and expected to behave accordingly; respect for persons and property of staff, other participants, and any/all equipment will be maintained; To insure this, no unaccompanied minors are permitted. All interaction will be monitored in case of discomfort or danger to persons or property. We reserve the right to halt and end the experience/session at any time, if these aforementioned expectations are not maintained.
Content Terms and Conditions Still Apply *
**Participant has already agreed upon purchase of ticket and/or attendance to relinquish all rights to publishing and master ownership of recordings created at the attended performance to Dawson Records. Dawson Records reserves the right to use any material from The Guest and the Host: Make Music, free of any infringement by participants.** ***Participant recognizes, again, in full the nature of the immersive, interactive experience with LIGHT INTERACTION (business/acquaintance) between artist and audience participants in the above No Harm Clause, and verified they are not a minor or will be accompanied by a legal guardian.***
Informed Consent for "STEM DISINTERMEDIA" *
The Guest and The Host / Dawson Records is not STEM DISINTERMEDIA. STEM is a company that distributes revenue from streaming platforms (such as iTunes and Spotify, etc.). We simply use the platform; by inviting you to sign up, we're sharing the opportunities we have found with you as a courtesy. Streaming revenue is rarely significant or substantial. Nothing will be paid to anyone involved in what we made until/unless a certain dollar amount is reached from streaming revenue, after a certain amount of streams, and other parties can receive a percentage of those funds, as well. We may not receive anything, and if we do the amount may be very small. Funds are dispensed directly through Stem, not "The Guest and The Host" or Dawson Records. The Guest and The Host / Dawson Records are not associated with the company (Stem) in any different sense than you, our participant and Guest, are. So we cannot answer questions or issues with that company. There are a few other steps to receive your percentage, through a company associated with Stem, called Qwil. We've found those steps to be easy, to take maybe a few minutes, and in our professional careers have received funds from the process. But those steps are up to you to complete.

Thank you for joining us.

-Your Hosts