''voyeuristic, engaging, unnerving . . .
We float from room to room — and sometimes run,  as I did,  up and down the stairs — to follow the screams as one character is killed and then another . . .
I hadn’t ever paid attention to that old Victorian home as I zoomed past . . . Now it haunts me.  I find myself staring at the windows and the porches, searching for Hamlet and the other ghosts. "


"This Remarkable Exploration comes expertly staged in every nook and cranny, every shadow and every open space... the 14-member cast talks and walks with skills which glow in the dark"

 - The Reader

www.thereader.com/post/the_ghost_of_hamlet_stalks_the_halls )




"...Striking the perfect balance between complexity and accessibility. . .

Its haunting, non-linear presentation of Shakespeare’s  Hamlet  is inspired by Faulkner’s  The Sound and the Fury   in its play on multiple perspectives, disjoined by time and space while unified by the play’s major events... "

facebook  reviews:
"Unlike anything I've ever seen. . . So compelling and engaging, it felt like an adventure."
"Love iT!   Amazing, fantastic. . . I hope we have more shows like this come to Omaha."
"We liked it so much we are going back to see it again."
"amazing!  A  3d Experience with theatre."
"One of the most intimate theatre experiences I've Ever Had."
"Did the impossible; it made me enjoy Hamlet. . .  I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a show this much. "
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