Options for Income Distribution

(which follow industry standards)

The likeliness that a single track makes any significant earnings is very low, as streams earn fractions of pennies per play. That said, we have the following options:

1) Donation


Your percentage of proceeds, however small or large, will be donated to Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp, a non-profit organization that provides arts education for youth in rural El Dorado County. This will happen by default unless you expressly choose another option.

2) Record Label Package

($10 One-Time managerial Fee; Must Register w/ Distribution company)


  • Invitation to join Stem Disintermedia as a guest artist account.

  • The Opportunity to earn money from the royalties on your track.

    • 30% of earnings, obtained if/when account earns $50 (again, please note: this is rare)


  • we will sponsor you for the track we created together through a 3rd-Party Distributor, Stem Disintermedia, which handles our record album account. Enrollment for our distributor’s company is by application / invitation only. Our sponsorship guarantees you that enrollment.

  • You will sign with our record label - for this song only; you will receive a percentage of profits in the song, as a guest artist on the track.

  • There will be additional steps on your part which we cannot complete for you. Among those, you will REGISTER 2 accounts, one for each company (Content distributor, STEM DISINTERMEDIA and financial distributor QWIL). Again: We cannot do this for you.

  • Separate Requirements for payout: Our distributor requires each artist signed earn $50 on account before a payout. It’s rare that a single track reaches that number, as The income from streams are fractions of cents per play. However, should the song succeed in large scale, you will receive compensation beginning with that $50 amount.


Dawson Records, our music production company, is not a distribution company.  We currently have a membership with an outside distributor, Stem Disintermedia. Per their contract agreement, which we ourselves are subject to, all accounts must meet a $50 threshold before financial payout. Please note: this only happens 10’s of thousands of plays/streams, which is rare.

Participation also requires additional steps, which we cannot take for you:

The 2 OUTSIDE PARTIES COMPANIES, aside from our own:

  • A Distribution Company (STEM DISINTERMEDIA)

  • A Financial Management Company (QWIL)

Stem Disintermedia will upload your song on all platforms and collect your earnings. QWIL will track and deposit money after you reach a $50 threshold.

Guest artists receive 30% of a song’s earnings:

Casual and effortless though our process hopefully seems, each session requires over 6 times its amount of work behind the scenes.

This split reflects a few things:

  • The time/collaborative work in-session (the guest artist[s] and 2 host artists in/observing/reviewing the session).

  • The positions/work executed outside of a session on the track itself.

  • The managerial/administrative work to represent everyone through media uploads, correspondence and preparation for distribution.

All of the above follows music industry standards applied to artists through our outside distributors and options for other parties, ourselves included.

  • Most online distributors charge artists ongoing monthly/annual fees, paid automatically. This option, which we use through our label/ associated distributor, requires no other fee - but each involved account must make a minimum of $50 in earnings before payout occurs. The work involved for a label and musician is usually in coordination with a substantial catalogue with a greater chance of earnings. It’s one thing for a professional musician to take that risk, and another for someone who’s come to a single session to do. As such, we wanted to provide you with an optional, opt-in service if you truly desire it.