SUBMISSION by invitation

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Invited Submissions - By Appointment




"I beta-tested this.  It's amazing.  Just go."

- Noah Nelson


"One of the most memorable experiences of my life."

-Taylor Winters


"This isn't a show...It's an experience."

-Madeline Rosenstein

Hello, Dear Guest,


You are here because you have received a link of direct invitation to submit to “The Guest & The Host: Make Music.”

In this experience, you'll record a song.

You'll connect, play & create at our music studio in the Hollywood Hills.

To Begin:

Fill the submission form.  Your acceptance comes not from proficiency, experience or skill...

Your acceptance comes from our connection. 

Below are 3 questions to put in the back of your mind, a way to get you (and us) in the right headspace, for the piece we may create together.


Name *
Name (2nd Collaborator, if applicable)
Name (2nd Collaborator, if applicable)
How did you come to us?
Do You... *
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1st Preferred Date *
1st Preferred Date
1st Date - Times *
2nd Preferred Date *
2nd Preferred Date
2nd Date - Times *
If scheduling requires you make an individual appointment outside of the times provided within The Hollywood Fringe Festival
If this Session is to be a gift, the recipient must fill in the form. But first:
•Provide your own information as the primary applicant, and the phrase "For [_____]" •Provide the information of the recipient in the "2nd Collaborator" form fields •Add your own referral, and that you are providing a gift for the recipient •Answer the questions describing that person as best you can •Request another date/time if their schedule is unknown Once your own submission is complete, we will be in touch for our next steps together.
No Harm Clause *
All Parties Agree to the Following: No one involved in this project, be they creators or participants, will willingly or knowingly inflict emotional or physical harm on anyone involved in The Guest and The Host: Make Music. Everyone present and participating recognizes this is an immersive, interactive experience with LIGHT INTERACTION (business/acquaintance) between artist and participants, incorporating musical instruments/recording equipment. Both artists and participants are considered recording collaborators in a studio and expected to behave accordingly; respect for persons and property of staff, other participants, and any/all equipment will be maintained; To insure this, no unaccompanied minors are permitted. All interaction will be monitored in case of discomfort or danger to persons or property. We reserve the right to halt and end the experience/session at any time, if these aforementioned expectations are not maintained.
Content Terms and Conditions *
**Participant agrees upon purchase of ticket and/or attendance to relinquish all rights to publishing and master ownership of recordings created at the attended performance to Dawson Records. Dawson Records reserves the right to use any material from The Guest and the Host: Make Music, free of any infringement by participants.** ***Participant recognizes in full the nature of the immersive, interactive experience with LIGHT INTERACTION (business/acquaintance) between artist and audience participants in the above No Harm Clause, and verifies they are not a minor or will be accompanied by a legal guardian.***

Upon submission, expect an email from (check "spam" folders and mass email filters accordingly).

After confirmation of your session and purchase, an address will be sent to you with further instructions.

We look forward to having you.

-Your Hosts