Hello Friends,

Anyone involved with Walk the Night will happily make every attempt to accommodate any person of a community with unique parameters.

Though each session is entirely, uniquely different, The constant for us is that every singular 1-on-1 piece is tailored specifically to its guest, as they are in life or in that moment.

Simply put: Tell us your needs; we’ll do all we possibly can to meet them, with pleasure.

To begin our conversation, Below are a few descriptions that may or may not pertain to any person’s set of circumstances, temporary or otherwise:

Mobility challenges

No significant movement is required in either experience beyond entering a room once and settling comfortably into place.

In The Guest & The Host: Make Music you’ll play instruments that can be accessed and obtained however works best for you.

in Tales By Candlelight you’ll smell scents from various bottles presented to you, and handle small objects easily within reach. These too can be accessed however best suits you.

However, our facilities have issues with their points of entry.

Both experiences’ entrances have 4-5 stairs.

A ramp may be provided. we kindly request enough advance notice and any unique specifications you’d need for safety according to chair/vehicle weight/design.

VISUAL challenges

both The Guest & The Host: Make Music and Tales by candlelight do not require sight.

hearing challenges:

The Guest & THe Host - Make Music audiences wear headphones and use music equipment to create a song. all audience members control their own volume. we also have the unique possibility to incorporate any technology someone may have as a hearing aid directly with our software & hardware. Advance notice and collaboration is required prior to your session.

Tales By Candlelight uses dialogue to collaboratively create a story. The experience incorporates a score underneath it. We can Accommodate ambient sound reduction, in case of misophonia; preset spacing for a needed hearing range; preset lights for lip-reading; We have yet to tell a story through written word or illustrations alone but are more than open to.

If you have a friend fluent in ASL, etc., they are invited to attend either experience for a unique duo session at no extra charge.

Language challenges

The Guest & The Host: Make Music has a unique process that does not require spoken words. Some of the most meaningful sessions have happened where little else is said beyond a greeting.

Tales By Candlelight is only available in english; if a translator is needed they may join a session at no extra cost.

thank you for your patience with our facilities and formats.

-The Walk the Night team