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Once your journey begins: There is no right answer, nor wrong answer; Your response alone is commitment enough.

That said, following your instincts will bare fruit...

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Again: There is no wrong answer - and no right answer. There is your answer. It is commitment enough. Simply follow your instincts
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An option to receive public credit from any material published - and most importantly, an understanding of acceptable parameters for everyone involved.
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No Harm Clause / Terms & Conditions *
* The experience is composed of discussion, involves light/business interactions with smelling akin to any scent-based purchase. No party shall willingly or knowingly overstep those bounds, cause harm to persons or property. Any sign perceived as a threat or danger to anyone involved will result in an immediate ending of the process and termination of the experience, without refund. The experience will be monitored to ensure quality and safety is maintained ** This is a creative process involving physical and intellectual property owned by Christoff Visscher (Cantrip Candles) and Spencer Williams (Walk the Night Prods.) This collaborative process and the result of it is in the purview of Cantrip Candles & Walk the Night Prods, both of which retain joint ownership of any content in the experience. The publication of said materials are handled at the sole discretion of Cantrip Candles / Walk the Night Prods., and cannot be infringed upon by any outside party. That said, we are happy for you to continue, tell and grow the story we create on your own. We do request credit where credit is due and will give you the same. ***This experience requires an ability for scent and imaginative/visual discussion. Any inability to participate in those elements will encroach on the experience. No persons with communicable respiratory ailments will be permitted, due to the 1-on-1 interactions of the experience.



On parameters:

  • This is a tale.

    • A story is written; it is set down. A tale… A tale is told; it is living, It grows & changes, in time & telling.

  • Our tale will be generated from scents.

    • THrough your sense of smell We’ll create a world, populate it with magical PEOPLES & Beings, interact with them, and follow an adventure...

  • We will tell it together.

    • What you put into our tale determines what you get out of it—be it content, energy, connection, or more... THe more comfortable we are, the easier our Tale will come.


    • Please allow 2-3 weeks for candle manufacture, curing, and shipment

we’ll begin with a few basic questions...

Your Responses are not binding; Our tale does not depend upon them, but we may draw upon them as we like.