Hello Friends,

below are a list of our facility/format limitations. Please contact us for any clarity.


  • Anyone involved with Walk the Night will happily make every attempt to accommodate any person of a community with “Disabilities.”

  • each unique session has one constant: it is tailored specifically to its guest, as they are in life or in that moment.

Simply put: if we’re missing anything, Tell us your needs; we’ll do all we possibly can to meet them, with pleasure.


both The Guest & The Host: Make Music and Tales by candlelight do not require sight.

foreknowledge can help us better prepare for any needs


Tales By Candlelight

cannot accommodate those with congenital Anosmia, or without a sense of smell.


with our apologies,

NEITHER VENUE IS strictly ADA-COMPLIANT for parking / bathrooms


The Guest & THe Host: Make Music:


(Adjacent to front door but not ada compliant)

Tales By Candlelight:

Valet AVAILABLE upon request

(advance notice helps us best prepare for the occasion).


are not ada-compliant

our facilities have issues with their points of entry:

The Guest & THe Host: Make Music and Tales By Candlelight

entrances have 4-5 stairs.

A ramp may be provided. we kindly request enough advance notice and correspondence for requirements.

No significant movement is required in either experience

-beyond entering a room, settling comfortably into place & interacting with presented items.

The Guest & The Host: Make Music :

you’ll play instruments that can be accessed and obtained however works best for you.

Tales By Candlelight :

you’ll smell scents from various bottles presented to you, and handle small objects easily within reach. These too can be accessed however best suits you.


The Guest & THe Host - Make Music

is an auditory experience. audiences wear headphones and use music equipment to create a song. all audience members control their own volume.

  • we have the unique possibility to incorporate any technology someone may have as a hearing aid directly with our software & hardware. Advance notice and collaboration is requested prior to your session.

Tales By Candlelight

uses dialogue to collaboratively create a story. The experience incorporates a score underneath it. We can accommodate:

  • ambient sound reduction, (misophonia); preset spacing (specific hearing range); preset lights (lip-reading);

  • We have yet to tell a story through written word or illustrations alone but are more than open to.

  • If you have a friend fluent in ASL, etc., they are invited to attend either experience for a unique duo session at no extra cost.


The Guest & The Host: Make Music

has a unique process that needn’t depend on spoken words. Some of the most meaningful sessions have happened where little else is said beyond a greeting.

Tales By Candlelight

is only available in english; if a translator is needed they may join a session at no extra cost.

Mental/Emotional triggers

Content is fully collaborative. Any desire to avoid ptsd or other mental triggers may be expressed before or during a session.

Neuro-atypicalities are welcome, assuming all abide by the no harm clause agreed upon at point of purchase.

thank you for your patience with our facilities and formats.

-The Walk the Night team